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It's finally here 😍
The 38th Annual Saturday Serendipity! 
March 16, 2019

This space has all the information you could possibly need to get registered. If you did not receive a note from school, click HERE for the distributed overview form.  This is step ONE in the process.  Each step will have a dedicated link so that you may return here for the next step.  Click highlighted words to go to that process.  If you are familiar with the process, there are quick links below.

STEP 2: The COURSE CATALOG is available both ONLINE and to PRINT.  Some may find it easier to print and mark up prior to registering online.  This is optional.

STEP 3: We are continuing with ONLINE REGISTRATION.  This link will take you to the proper form.  Click again to enroll other students in your family.  Only choose each class one time. 
You may also use a MAILED REGISTRATION by printing and mailing to the address stated.  Remember, forms must be received by February 28th and classes are given in order of receipt

STEP 4: $35 PAYMENT by PayPal is safe, easy and does not require a PayPal account.  Simply use your debit or credit card.  You may pay for all of your students ($35 each) with one payment, just be sure to note their names as instructed. 

STEP 5: Wait patiently 😎!  Class assignments will be emailed within a week of the event.  These will be sent to the email you provided at registration.  We do not have the necessary volunteers to answer individual questions concerning class placement until after March 13th.

*Wilson does not have information about classes or placement.  Please do not call them.*

2018-2019 paid members of the Moline Council for the Gifted who wish to register online, will receive a discounted link by email to pay. 
**Do NOT use the link below if you are a member of MCG.**
If you have any questions, our new email address is:

STEP 2: Saturday Serendipity COURSE CATALOG

Saturday Serendipity 2019
March 16, 2019 ♦ 9:00am-1:30pm


~Click HERE for Printable Catalog~

Students will attend ONE classes (9:00-1:30) with a slightly different lunch schedule.  Student will need to bring lunch.  Please be sure to note grade levels as those who register for a class outside of the suggested grades will be placed in a different class selected. 

Detective For A Day   GRADES: 3-4

INSTRUCTOR: Detective Jon Leach
This class is designed to give young people an idea of how investigations work and how police officers collect information, as well as evidence. Students will have the chance to investigate their own crime scene. **Please note: This class is very popular and has a limited capacity.

Checkmate! Chess   GRADES: 3-5

INSTRUCTOR: Matt Perkins
Explore the methods and strategies of being a solid chess player. Students will have the opportunities to play against multiple different opponents of varying abilities. Class is open from beginner to expert levels.

Re-Purposed ART  GRADES: 1-5

Get those creative juices flowing while saving the planet. Students will make ART using trash that might otherwise be thrown into a landfill. ART is about using what you have, not how much money you need to spend. Students will have several items to take home and share. Work with a local artist who has been featured in area shops as well as on tv! Pics show her style!
SUPPLIES NEEDED: Please bring photos of family/friends or magazine pages with pics or words that are of interest or reflective of your personality.  Students may want to bring an apron or old shirt and a bag to take things home.

American Pioneer Life  GRADES: 3-5
INSTRUCTOR: Daniel Cabage
A fun, historical look at what it was like to be a pioneer. We will discuss how the pioneers lived, the foods they ate, the games they played, and make pioneer related crafts and food. Students will churn their own butter and make a tin art craft.
LAB FEE: $5 


Students will attend TWO classes (9:00-11:00/11:30-1:30) at Wilson Middle School.  Student will need to bring lunch.  Please be sure to note grade levels as those who register for a class outside of the suggested grades will be placed in a different class selected.  

Card Making & Stamping GRADES: 2-5
INSTRUCTOR: Becky Pilcher
Join paper crafter extraordinaire for a fun time with paper and stamps! Enjoy your time making your own post it note holder, a card that will delight anyone, and a bookmark that will be great for a gift or for yourself and your favorite book!

Students may want to wear an old shirt or painting smock.

Belly Dancing   GRADES: 1-5

INSTRUCTOR: Taghreed Karadsheh
Expose your students to a new form of exercise!  The graceful hip drops, rolls, and pivots in this dance utilize muscle groups in the abdomen, pelvis, trunk, spine and neck, working with the body instead of against it.  Belly Dancing improves posture, muscle tone, flexibility, weight loss and is a great way for kids to expend excess energy! 
LAB FEE: $10 for hip scarf (returning students can bring from prior year)

The Art of Clowning   GRADES: 3-5

INSTRUCTOR: Laura Anderson
Learn the history of clowning and makeup design with easy to remove water soluble face paint, skits, and more. You will learn the world still needs the humor of clowns. Not all clowns wear makeup. You will be able to use your new skill to bring joy to those in nursing homes or where ever your heart leads you. You might recognize Daizy Dee from Pizza Ranch on Tuesdays or any number of local events!
SUPPLIES NEEDED: Bring a camera if you want pictures!

Computer Fun: Comic Life   GRADES: 4-5
INSTRUCTOR: John Sullivan Computer fun! We will be using Comic Life the application to
create comic strip type media that the student will be able to add images and experiment with texts and fonts. There will be a project created that students will be able to share with friends and family that they can take home if they bring a USB flash drive to save their work.
SUPPLIES NEEDED: USB Flash drive (optional)

Metal Stamping   GRADES: 3-5
INSTRUCTOR: Marla Albertson Metal stamping is a huge jewelry trend that allows you to personalize a unique item! You will learn how to stamp on metal discs or bracelet blanks using metal letter stamps and design stamps. Pic shows samples of metal stamping, not actual item, as they will be personalized by each student. You will take home a beautiful, unique necklace or bracelet, perfect for yourself or to give as a gift!

Cupcake Decorating   GRADES: 2-4

INSTRUCTOR: Angie Thompson Show off your your cake decorating skills or if you just wanna have fun and make some cool treats this is perfect for you! We will be making some sweet treats that you will be able to take home and show off to your friends and family! **NOTE: This class is not recommended for those with allergies!**
SUPPLIES NEEDED: A grocery bag for carrying treats home! Treat containers will be provided for each student.

Mini Scrapbook Class   GRADES: 1-5

Create a SMASHED mini scrapbook! Kids will be creating a foldable mini scrapbook i their choice of color and theme. To get the best experience, 10-12 wallet sized photos should be brought to class. Kids will create a foldable booklet with all paper, glue, LOTS of cute embellishments (stickers, letters, buttons, jewels, etc.), and a variety "book bindings" will be provided to allow the kids to express their creativity. Note for returning students: This is a new variation of the class that was previously the paper bag scrapbook.
SUPPLIES NEEDED: Photos. 10-12 Wallet sized or can be trimmed to wallet size. Mini book pages will be approx 3x4.

All About Dogs GRADES: 2-5

Do you love dogs? Would you like to learn more about "man's best friend" and how to train them? This class will teach you how to make the most of your relationship with your pet friend. We also will be making dog toys and treats! **NOTE: This class is not recommended for those with allergies.**
LAB FEE: $2.00 dog toys and treats. 

That Crazy T-Shirt  GRADES: 3-5

INSTRUCTOR: Kandis Cooper
Do you have a special Tee that just doesn't fit and you don't want to throw it away? Or maybe you have a tee from someone special and you want to keep it forever. In this class we will talk about the various ways to reuse, renew, recycle textiles. Things like old jeans, shirts, blankets, towels, and more. We will also make your own reusable t-shirt bag, t-shirt pillow, jean pocket pencil holder for your locker, or pick another of the projects offered.
SUPPLIES NEEDED: Bring an old T Shirt, old jeans, I will have a few to choose from for those that forget this. Bring both or multiples if you want to make more than one project. The more you bring, the more you can make.

Balloon Art   GRADES: 2-5
INSTRUCTOR: Patti Altobelli
Patti brings balloon creatures to life in this fun class!  Forget about boring balloon animals, these are works of art! Students will learn how to create various balloon sculptures using many different styles of inflated and uninflated balloons. They will also learn fun tricks and games to play with inflated balloons such as a flying mouse and spiral rocket. Work with a nationally known artist and teacher!  Students will take home cool creations!

DIY Wood Sign  GRADES: 4-5

INSTRUCTOR: Melissa Hull
Have you seen specialty signs in shops and wish you could make one for your own room? Melissa will help you take a blank wood piece and turn it into something you'll be proud to display! Use unique stenciling skills to create a charming and on trend home decor sign. Instructor provides all supplies.
Students may want to wear an apron or old shirt.

French Fun GRADES: 1-5
Vive la France!  Bonjour!  Have fun learning more about the French and their culture.  Start learning to read and speak French with games and music.  Beth has been teaching students in this program for many years and is a student favorite!
SUPPLIES NEEDED: Colored pencils or crayons or markers and a regular pencil.

Magic Fun GRADES: 1-5
INSTRUCTOR: Eugene Brammer
Learn how to fool your friends and family with slight of hand tricks.  You will learn a variety of tricks that will make you look like a pro in no time!  This class offers fun for all skill levels.

SUPPLIES NEEDED: Please bring to class a deck of cards that has a box. 

Cakes Cakes Cakes!   GRADES: 1-5
INSTRUCTORS:  Gloria "Memaw" and Maverick Friederichsen
Do you love baking shows for kids?  This is your opportunity to learn some of those skills.  Join a former bakery owner and learn the tricks of the trade.  Learn how to frost and decorate cakes.  Students will practice first and then use their skills on a round cake to take home.  Students will learn to mix colors use plastic bags and tips to frost their finished product. This will be messy, but fun!
**Note: This class is not recommended for those with allergies**

SUPPLIES NEEDED: Students will want an apron or old shirt.  A bag for finished treats will also be helpful.  Instructor will provide containers for cake.

Drums & Percussion 101   GRADES: 1-5
INSTRUCTOR: Terry Hansen
Do you find yourself always tapping out a beat to a song?  Have you ever wanted to play drums but didn't want to commit to lessons?  This class is a great way to learn the names of and how to play different drum and percussion instruments.  You will also learn about notes and counting.  Students will also learn about playing solo and then with a group.  Mr. Hansen is a fun instructor with lots of energy.

LAB FEE: $5 

Crazy for Colors!   GRADES: 1-3
INSTRUCTOR: Lily Tackett
Learn to mix your favorite colors, paint a rainbow, create with clay, explore with watercolors using different textures, and make your favorite colored slime!


Yoga and Mindfulness for Kids  GRADES: 1-5
Yoga & Mindfulness for Kids is a fun way to learn about some of the core poses and mindfulness techniques that can help kids become more aware of their power as well as the calm place within. This workshop will have some of foundation poses and breathing techniques that have help kids get focused and have more confidence.  Daina has been teaching yoga to kids in the Quad Cities for over 12 years sharing her love of yoga!   
Please bring a yoga mat or even a towel to mark your spot in class.

Geology and Construction    GRADES: 2-5
We will talk about how earthquakes have shaped our planet over time, then we will have a hands-on experiment to learn how the ground can affect buildings in an earthquake and how engineers can help.  Bring your imagination and eagerness to learn!


Lego Machine Building   GRADES: 4-5
INSTRUCTOR: Blake Slizosky
This isn't just about the Lego blocks you normally play with! Learn the basics of building machines with Legos.  Structure, simple machinery and beginner robotics will be emphasized.
Students will team up for structural challenges.

Hot Mess Canvas Painting   GRADES: 1-5

INSTRUCTOR: Cindy Horvath
Using acrylic paint on canvas you will create your own "hot mess" in the colors of your choice. After drying we will apply a vinyl stencil and paint again. When the vinyl is removed after the second layer of paint your hot mess creation will show thru! Please specify your choice of theme. Harry Potter, Suicide Squad, Star Trek, Transformers or unicorn. Younger students may need assistance in removing the vinyl. Pics are samples only. **NOTE: We will be using needles to help remove the vinyl.**
Students will want an apron or old shirt.

Creative Cooking   GRADES: 1-5
INSTRUCTOR: Meredith Brower
Kitchen fun isn't just for moms and dads! Join this class for a fun experience learning fun and delicious foods you can make for your family! This will include two items during the class time as well as the time to eat them.
**NOTE: This class is not recommended for those with allergies.**
Please bring a clean, large storage container to bring home leftover creations if you have one at home.

Hip Hop/Jazz Funk Dance   GRADES: 2-5
INSTRUCTOR: Abbey Gustaf
Join singing and dancing sensation and Illinois beauty queen for a funky class! Abbey has been dancing for over 17 years. Learn fun new iconic dance moves with some style and sass. Boys and girls will love it! Wear comfortable clothing and bring a water bottle!
Students should wear tennis shoes

Circuits and Robotics   GRADES: 3-5
INSTRUCTOR: Lakin Sheeder
Learn how simple circuits work, and the basics of coding and programming! Simplicity is key when it comes to making electricity. Build a circuit that lights up or makes noise. The power is in your hands! Learn to program the Putnam Museum’s Dot and Dash Robots!

Come back before you register online to see if there are any additions or deletions.

Register HERE.

Many classes need student supplied items.  Feel free to send along in a grocery sack or backpack.  Don't forget your lab fees!

STEP 3: Saturday Serendipity REGISTRATION LINKS

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All registrations are due no later than FEBRUARY 28TH! 

  • Please use an active email address so that we can contact you with class assignments the week of the event.
  • Be sure to choose 4 classes in case your first two choices are full
  • We try our best to remove classes as they fill, so if your desired class is not available, it is likely full.
  • Class assignments are filled based on time received and then reviewed to be certain the correct ages are in the classes.  Students may be moved to another selection. 

STEP 4: Saturday Serendipity PAYMENT Link

Thank you for registering for the 2019 Saturday Serendipity. Online payments are made through PayPal, where we pay the fees, and no special account is needed. You may use your credit/debit card or your PayPal account.

Use the button below to choose the number of students. 
Please add your student(s) name(s) with your own name.

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Saturday Serendipity FAQ/Links/Map


March 16, 20199:00 am-1:30 pm Wilson Middle School

8:40 am Doors Open/Check-in, East Entrance (Rec/Gym-off 48th)
8:55 am  Instructors pick up students
9:00 am Session One
11:00 am Lunch (Please send sack lunch)
11:30 am Session Two
1:30 pm Pick up in Gym/Cafeteria

What is Saturday Serendipity? 
SS is a fun, educational event for SELECT students in Grades 1-5 offering exciting and enriching classes to stimulate knowledge, skills, and imagination taught by energetic instructors from local schools and the community. 

How do I know you received my registration?  If registering online, a confirmation screen will show immediately afterwards.  If paying by PayPal, you will receive an email confirmation of you donation.  Class schedules will be sent to the email you provide within a week of the event.  Please use an ACTIVE email address as we only use it for Saturday Serendipity purposes.  Also watch your spam folder, just in case.  We cannot answer individual messages from those requesting their class placement prior to March 13th.  

My child’s class says it has a lab fee.  How do I pay that? 
Lab fees are set by each instructor and are paid IN CASH at Check-in.  Please have exact change for faster check-in.  MCG will collect the fees up front to distribute.  Students may not attend without lab fees.  No refunds will be provided.  MCG does not set the lab fees, nor do we profit from them.

If my child is unable to attend, can I get a refund?
In order to keep our commitment to our instructors, no refunds will be issued for those unable to attend the event.  Our instructors purchase supplies weeks in advance based on registration numbers.  We truly appreciate your donation.

A phone number will be provided the day of the event in case of emergencies.

Please contact Moline Council for the Gifted with any questions.  Do not contact Wilson as they are simply hosting the venue and have no information.

Thank you for making our fundraiser a success!  We truly enjoy helping students and teachers in the area!


Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Delayed Registration

We are experiencing a slight delay in the delivery of materials, but rest assured, we are in high gear preparing for the 2019 Saturday Serendipity event!  The instructor list is quite diverse and fairly large.  While we finalize the details, here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Letters will be dropped off/mailed/emailed to school principals the week of February 11th.
  • Registration will officially open early evening on Sunday, February 10th.  A link will be posted here on the blog.
  • If you do not receive an invitation but have attended in the past, feel free to come back and use the link.  We found in the past that many teachers often wait before sending home with students.
  • Due to lack of participation from some schools, we are offering more spots to schools that do participate!
  • Remember, MCG members receive first choice and a discount for each student.  If you have not submitted your $10 membership for the 2018-2019 school year, feel free to do so through PayPal HERE.  A PayPal account is not necessary and you can use a debit/credit card.
  • Please be patient with us as we are a 3 member volunteer board.  This is a large fundraiser and a little patience goes a long ways!
  • If you would like to volunteer on March 16th, we would LOVE to have you.  We need adult volunteers as well as Wilson Middle students to help!
Thank you for your continued support of this program!  We couldn't do it without the wonderful teachers, parents, instructors and students!