Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Saturday Serendipity Quick Info/Links/FAQ


March 10, 2018
9:00 am-1:30 pm
 Wilson Middle School

All class placement letters have been sent via email.  Please check your spam folder if you have yet to receive it.  Please see the schedule below.  Our email link is also below if you have any questions.  For emergencies during our event or if you have a change in pick up, please call us at (563) 484-4284.  Remember to have all lab fees ready in cash at check-in.  Envelopes will be provided.

8:40 am Doors Open/Check-in, East Entrance (Rec/Gym-off 48th)
8:55 am           Instructors pick up students
9:00 am Session One
11:00 am Lunch (Please send sack lunch)
11:30 am Session Two
1:30 pm Pick up in Gym/Cafeteria

What is Saturday Serendipity? 
SS is a fun, educational event for SELECT students in Grades 1-5 offering exciting and enriching classes to stimulate knowledge, skills, and imagination taught by energetic instructors from local schools and the community. 

How do I know you received my registration?  If registering online, you will receive confirmation from Google immediately after payment.  Class schedules will be sent to the email you provide within a week of the event.  Please use an ACTIVE email address as we only use it for Saturday Serendipity purposes.  Also watch your spam folder, just in case.

My child’s class says it has a lab fee.  How do I pay that? 
Lab fees are set by each instructor and are paid IN CASH at Check-in.  This is different than in previous years as some parents didn't feel it necessary to pay their fees.  MCG will collect the fees up front to distribute.  Students may not attend without lab fees.  No refunds will be provided.  MCG does not set the lab fees, nor do we profit from them.

If my child is unable to attend, can I get a refund?
In order to keep our commitment to our instructors, no refunds will be issued for those unable to attend the event.  Our instructors purchase supplies weeks in advance based on registration numbers.  We truly appreciate your donation.

Please contact Moline Council for the Gifted with any questions.  Do not contact Wilson as they are simply hosting the venue.

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